Traditional houses for sale in Kalymnos, in Greece

Kalymnos' airport is in operation

Rock Climbing holidays in May, in Kalymnos





New climbing routes, in Kalymnos island !!!

New sectors !!!

Among others, invited in Kalymnos was also, the DREAM TEAM of  PETZL, who came 10 days earlier and opened new routes, challenging the climbing champions and not only them…

Climbing fields in Kalymnos are accessible to everyone, both climbers who are in their first climbing steps and world champions, since there are routes from 4b until 8c/9a.


The Festival also included, in the evenings, projections of slides and videos of the achievements of famous climbers, a tour of the island by boat and trekking to Prophet Ilia, the tallest point of island.

Κάλυμνος !!!


 The greatest  success of the 2nd International Climbing Festival of Kalymnos, was the promise of all participants to visit the island again. 

            Therefore, for those of you, who are keen on climbing,

 Kalymnos  is  a  real  challenge.

Climbers’ comments


We'd like to thank Reinhild, Guenter, Christiana and Ebses, for their exciting photos of their visit in Kalymnos!

"Thank you very much"

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